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Build a Home Meditation practice with the OM at Home - 3 A Day Meditation Challenge  -  just click on this link:    "OM at Home Meditations" and follow the guided meditations beginning with 3 minutes and working your way up to 18 minutes! 



OM at Home, Meditation for Ordinary People is a 30-minute guided meditation class with Lori Kahn. A perfect way to bring the meditation teacher into the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Each class is structured the way an in-studio class is (but shorter) and gives you a great start on developing a meditation practice, with some history and philosophy thrown in!


​**Go to PODCASTS link on the navigation bar! They are also available for free via iTunes/podcasts.



Guided Meditation -  The practice of cultivating self awareness, patience, and

compassion, using a variety of mindfulness techniques and practice.  Privates,

Semi-Privates and Groups available.

Contemplative Coaching -  A blend of mindfulness meditation practices combined with

the tools, structure and support of Integrative Coaching. For individuals, couples and

groups. *Coaching and Meditation are available for children to adults and couples, and

can be done in the studio,  on location or remotely by telephone or Skype!

NeurOptimal NeuroFeedback - This groundbreaking technology is an effortless

process in training and optimizing the function of the brain and central nervous system

to return to its natural state of peace and ease. It is known to be profoundly effective

with any prolonged stress disorders including; anxiety, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers,

sleep disorders, and depression.​

Mindfulness at Work - This stand-alone class, retreat or series is done "on site" with 

companies  to develop a culture of "mindfulness at work"!

**client list includes:  Lululemon, United Capital Partners, Fisher Paykel, Vizio, The Whole Purpose, Mission  - St. Josephs Hospital,

Merrill Lynch, Direct Pack Inc.

*OM SERVICES - On occasion classes or workshops are cancelled so please check out the

tab for "Schedule Through MindBody"!