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Owner & Founder, OM LAGUNA BEACH 
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Contemplative Coach

I believe that Meditation and Integrative Coaching changed my life from one of chronic stress and struggle, to one of balance, and a general sense of peace and happiness and a willingness to find patience, compassion and acceptance for myself and others in the on going challenges that life brings. 

Before I started practicing meditation or had experienced any coaching, my life from the outside looked pretty perfect. But the deeper truth was that I experienced a lot stress, irritability, fear and frustration , and I felt like these things were getting the better of me. I longed for more vibrant health; a happier marriage; greater self esteem and to be a better mother! I spent an immense amount of time listening to the critic in my head, more focused on what was wrong rather than what was right. The truth under the surface was that I wasn’t very happy.

Things came to a crisis, and I was challenged with what seemed like insurmountable health issues, while my marriage simultaneously fell apart at the seams. I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do.  Because of my health issues I couldn't turn to yoga for some relief as I had once been able to do, but knew the foundation I had learned from yoga was in mindfulness!  One day a friend gave me Pema Chodron’s book, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times. Reading the book was a defining moment for me, a key to beginning my transformation.
I began practicing what I call "yoga for the mind" and seeking out meditation teachers classes, and retreats.  My life began to change in a powerful way, and happiness and health became not only accessible but a reality.

My primary meditation teachers today are Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, I am currently doing a Mindfulness Meditation Teachers Certification course with them, which has an emphasis on Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness practices.  One of the things I love about Meditation are the many different traditions and practices there are, and have been lucky enough to study with many different teachers over the years.   I believe we need to have access to many tools to address the different challenges this life brings and I believe meditation is the key to living a life of balance from the inside out. It is a continual process of being quiet and listening without judgment, to the fears and dreams that come from the depths of our own innate wisdom. It teaches us to accept that everything changes through a practice of self-compassion and understanding.  

Although meditation was the source of the balance I so desperately needed, I knew that I also needed support in making the necessary changes to permanently transform my old thought processes and habits. I discovered ”Integrative Coaching” (and Debbie Ford, who would become my teacher and mentor) and I immediately knew it would help me carry out my new awareness into action. With practice, tools and support my life changed completely. I discovered that the source of peace and happiness was within my reach because it was inside of me, and was part of the nature of who we all are. When Mindfulness is blended with the tools and structure of  Coaching we are able to take our new insights and manifest action that transform our lives into something once only longed for.

As a Meditation Teacher and Certified Integrative Coach, I listen to your stories to help you discover what is in your heart and offer an array of tools, structure and support for you to explore. Part of our journey is finding the path that works for you. I offer both teachings one and one, a class setting, workshops and retreats.