I believe that Meditation and Integrative Coaching changed my life from one of chronic stress and struggle, to one of balance, and a general sense of peace and happiness and a willingness to find patience, compassion and acceptance for myself and others in the on going challenges that life brings. 

I have been studying and practicing various forms of Mindfulness (both yoga and meditation) for 20 years, though I became ill during a period of time where I was unable to do yoga and began to focus solely on Meditation, as well as going through a personal coaching program.  My life changed and improved so dramatically that I was deeply moved to study to become both a meditation teacher and coach and to provide others the support they need in their most challenging times. 

I have had the good fortune of studying with some of the top Meditation teachers in the field, including: Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Sharon Salzberg and currently am studying with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, as a participant in the Mindfulness Meditation Teachers Certification program in association with Sounds True and The Center for Greater Good (UC Berkeley), which has an emphasis on Awareness without judgment, compassion and lovingkindness practices.  One of the things I love about Meditation are the many different traditions and practices there are, and I believe we need to have access to many tools to address the different challenges this life brings.  Meditation is the key to living a life of balance from the inside out. It is a continual process of being quiet and listening without judgment, and teaches us to accept that everything changes and develop our ability to flow with life a little more easily.  

In 2007 I was lucky enough to discover ”Integrative Coaching” and Debbie Ford, who would become my teacher and mentor.  I became a certified Integrative Coach and began blending the coaching tools with Mindfulness and Meditation. With practice, tools and support my life completely transformed.  I use these tools for myself to this day and have had the amazing opportunity to help and support others with these tools in their most difficult times.

I created a "Mindfulness at Work" program in 2014 to bring the benefits of meditation to the workplace.  I have worked with so many interesting and diverse people, including: Lululemon, Direct Pack, Fisher Paykel, Vizio, United Capital Partners, The Whole Purpose, Mission Hospital and Merrill Lynch.  I custom design classes, retreats, or workshops for companies who want to increase the culture of peace and decrease stress and burnout.
I have had the honor of being named an Ambassador for Lululemon, bringing Mindfulness practices to the staff and customers! 

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